IBM as a Mirror of the Global IT Evolution and Advent of the Second Information Revolution. Hidden Intellectual Springs, Possible Technological and Humanitarian Brakes, Expected Implications

On the example of IBM strategies it is possible to look at the information revolution and to understand what drives the modern IT and what future these technologies are preparing for us. The article identifies relationships and the impact of the latest military developments on the IT development vector. One of the main conclusions: the information society should be seen metaphorically as an iceberg. First of all, we see only the tip of an iceberg, and the submarine part remains outside our focus area. Secondly, isn’t the modern society a sort of “Titanic” rushing toward the iceberg? But not everything is so bad. In principle there are possibilities to control the development movement and to choose the own course in order not to endure catastrophe from a collision with an underwater part of the iceberg. There is one way out, and it is evident in many respects. It is necessary to use the self-preservation and survival instinct. And our actions should be dominated by strategic thinking and foresight. Otherwise, society will get the shackles of the “digital slavery” from information owners of the world. One must not lose mind, sovereignty and the right to think. One should not go on about the puppeteers and deceivers — who will outwit or replay someone. Now decisive became the factor — who will strongly, elastically and with a margin do a great deal of thinking.