Alexander Ivanovich Ageev

Doctor of Economics, professor, RAS expert,

General Director of the Institute for Economic Strategies.

General director of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (IRIAS).

The scientific activity of A.I. Ageev is focused on the problems of economic growth, the world economy, integration processes, managing the branches of the military-industrial complex and power engineering, entrepreneurship, development of competition, information systems creation, development and application of international standards in the spheres of investment, risk management, integrated reporting and others.

Author of over 500 scientific papers, including 28 monographs. More than 30 scientific papers are published in the United States, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Italy, China and other countries in English, German, Chinese and other languages. Hirsch index for September 2016 — 31.

Rector of the INES Business School, head of department of business projects management at the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, professor of the public administration faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University and professor of MGIMO.

Chief editor of “Economic Strategies” magazine and the international magazine “Partnership of civilizations”.

Member of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation in “International economic integration development”, scientific-advisory council of the Union State, Expert council under the Chairman of the College of the RF Military-Industrial Commission, the RAS Coordinating Council in forecasting, the Expert council of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Member of the Scientific Expert Council under the Chairperson of the EEC Board.

Member of the Russian Writers Union, member of the Russian Union of Journalists. Member of dissertation councils of the Bowman MSTU and CNII “Center”.

Member of several scientific and expert communities in Russia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Possesses more than 50 state, public and academic awards of Russia and of 15 foreign countries.