The Castle with Ghosts

“Shopkeepers do revolutions by hands of Romantics,” – says one of the characters of Dostoevsky, who prophetically revealed the depths of the human psyche and the social pathologies that can lead and have led to tremendous upheavals of the twentieth century.

Triumph of the ideas does not end with their revelation. Not least because that there is a distance between idea and reality. It is filled with errancy of mind and excesses of performance. And revelations, like the ideas are not universally widespread. Errancies are abundantly fed by unconsciousness and banal ignorance. Strictly speaking – errancies are kind of lies, untruth. Especially shocking is the ignorance that is created through directed efforts.

On the Eve of the War?

Geopolitical summer 2013 was hot. Its information dominant was set by the events in and around first Egypt, now calmed down for a while, then Syria, intended to be the eventful culmination throughout the fall. The Syrian crisis and the new Egyptian metamorphosis, as well as the scandalous revelations of global peeping have quickly sculpted…


People are often compared to a candle, sun, star, river, ocean, etc. They do so out of a desire to find an appropriate starting point in trying to measure the scale of the individual. But there are individuals who are themselves perfect. Vladimir I. Vernadsky is among those few. Sometimes the development of science and…

The Logic of Dialogue

Editor’s coloumn, Partnership of Civilizations International Scientific-Practical Journal, #1-2012.