Human Civilization in the Prophecies of Pitirim Sorokin. Lebanon

Within the Framework of their mutual research and dialogue project, The Notre Dame University-Louaize (Lebanon), The Lebanese Centre for Societal Research at Notre Dame University and the Lebanese Russian House held the international seminar “Human Civilization in the Prophecies of Pitirim Sorokin” on Thursday, March 24, 2011.


Opening addresses:

  • Mr. Souheil Matar, Vice-President for Cultural Affairs and Public Relations, Notre Dame University
  • Dr. Tarek Mitri, Minister of Information, Lebanon
  • Fr. Walid Moussa, President of Notre Dame University
  • Dr. Assaad Eid, Vice-President for Research and Development, Notre Dame University
  • Veniamin Popov, Ambassador of Russia
  • Mr. Souheil Farah, President of the Lebanese-Russian House
  • Mr. Abdo Kahi, Coordinator of the Lebanese Center for Societal Research (LCSR)

Session: Pitirim Sorokin, Man of Science and Founder of a New Sociological School.

Chair: Dr. Chahine Ghaith, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, Public Administration, and Diplomacy, NDU, Lebanon.


  • Dr. Edward Tiryakian (USA): Pitirim Sorokin as founder of the Socio-Cultural Theory of Human Social Dynamics.
  • Dr. Sa’ud al-Mawla (Lebanon): The genius of Sorokin in analyzing cultural and civilization specificities.
  • Dr. Yury lakovets (Russia): Sorokin in the heart of Russian sociological standards of the twenty
  • first century.
  • Dr. Boris Kuzyk (Russia): Ten steps for reaching civilization integralism.
  • Dr. Marina Lomonosova (Russia): Sorokin’s vision of the future of politics and power.
  • Suheil Farah (Lebanon): Sorokin, a glow of a science that enlightens research on contemporary civilizations.
  • Dr. Alexander Ageev (Russia): Civilization crisis in XXI-century Russia  and futurist alternatives in the thought of Sorokin.
  • Professor Ramazan Abdulatipov (Russia): Russian Civilization after Sorokin.
  • Ekaterina Kovrikova (Russia): Image of musical culture in Sorokin’s futurist thought.

Presentation of New Socio-Cultural Works by Russian, Lebanese, and American Authors.

  • Presentation of the Book of Cultures: Theory, History, Dialogue, and Future. Presentation of
    the preamble of UNESCO’s New Strategy for the Alliance of Civilizations.
  • Presentation of the book Where do We Stand as to Societal Thought in the Contemporary
    World, from Abdo Kahi in French and Arabic.
  • Presentation of the book Dialogue of Cultures, Meaning, Thoughts, and Techniques from
    Suheil Farah, in Arabic and Russian. Screening of a short documentary film about intercultural


Annahar 25-03-2011


Bayrak 25-03-2011